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Project Name:

Operation & Maintenance of Southern Tunnel Crossing Yas Island


Department of Transport

Main Contractor:

TAMAS Projects

Scope of Work

Secure private sector involvement in Operation and Maintenance Activities associated with Yas Southern tunnel crossing:

  • Operate and maintain YSTC infrastructure 
  • Perform traffic surveillance/ traffic management of YSTC  
  • Facilities Maintenance 
  • Tunnel’s safety and life safety system maintenance
  • Equipment and assets associated with above the aforesaid contract includes the following:

  • Jet Fans
  • Sumps and Drainage Routes.
  • Lighting system (vehicular and LRT tunnel), control panels, SMDB, DB, Standby Generator, UPS and batteries
  • Lighting arrestors 
  • Foam and water deluge, water deluge, foam nitrogen deluge, FM200, fire pumps (diesel, electrical and jockey)  
  • Voice alarm, emergency telephone, maintenance telephone, Tetra & FM, Video Smoke Detection, CCTV, traffic control, Variable Message Sign, Over Height Vehicle Detection
  • SCADA and instrumentation