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TAMAS strive to provide an environment that is stimulating with high levels of motivation, empowerment and recognition, removing obstacles that hinder creativity. In this energized atmosphere we share successes while setting new standards of excellence.

We believe that everyone who works for TAMAS contributes to our success. The collective works of all the employees make us excel. Drawing strength from our diverse talents and skills we will excel in whatever we do:

TAMAS intends to be the preferred choice for employment, attracting the best talents into our company.

Our aim is to recruit, develop and most importantly, retain the people who share our vision and strategy.

To achieve our vision, we are always looking out for talented, learnable individuals who are ambitious, who love challenges and who have a passion to excel! We will recruit people of high calibre and train existing staff to enable them to continuously improve the business, in an environment that encourages teamwork, loyalty and commitment to our ongoing development and success..